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Laser Toe Angle Tool Gauge for Wheel Alignment

Manufactured by US citizens in USA and made from raw materials made in USA.

Laser Toe Angle Gauge II for Wheel Alignment.
Ten times more accurate then any computerized wheel alignment system.
Same gauge does all these vehicles

Automobiles, Trucks, Tractor Trailers,
Buses, Stretch Limousines, Mobile Service Companies and Heavy Equipment

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High Speed Wheel Alignment- Portable - Simple to Operate - Extremely Universal - Highly Accurate and Repeatable.

Do you do front end repairs and send your alignments to another shop?
Then add up your out of pocket cost to them, the labor to send the cars there and labor to pick the cars up. Result...... your losing money.

Do you own your own alignment machine and want get more business for it?
Do you own a Fast-lube?
Do you own mobile auto repair service?
Would you like to get some of that truck business?
Would you like to increase your revenue?

Feel free to call us with any questions. No high pressure sales. We just want to educate you.

High School Educator ?

The Laser Toe and Pro Smart Camber was recently accepted as wheel alignment requirement for NATEF certification. For people in education with tight budgets this sytem is a perfect alternative to the high priced wheel alignment systems like John Bean and Hunter. We have sold many systems to Training Centers, high schools, colleges and universities.


Manufactured by US citizens in USA and made from raw materials made in USA.

Automotive Portable Wheel Alignment Laser Toe Angle Gauge

Same gauge can align cars and tractor trailers

Perform your own wheel alignments whether you're professional or hobbyist.

In todays economy you need to find additional ways to make money. Wheels alignments are easy. Don't be fooled by the computerized hype.

See "How to Make Revenue with our wheel alignment equipment". in products menu under automotive You will see in ways you never thought were possible and it can only be done with our equipment.

We do support some of the most well know race teams in the world but we also supply most of the largest corporations in automotive. If our lasers are good enough to qualify Indycars I hope you will agree that what we offer here will be the best for your needs.

Some of our corporate customers....BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, GM, Porsche, McLaren, Lotus, Lamborghini, Subaru, John Deere, U-Haul, Firestone Tire, National Michelin Tire Field Reps, University Calgary, Boices NY Tech Schools, Texas A&M, United Nations, US Military...... Baghdad, Iraq

Sales to five USA Toyota Technical Training Centers

Custom designed Laser Toe Gauge for Komatsu 960E-1 Mining Truck 320 Tons, 60 inch wheels, 12 foot tall tire. It was a tall order but we did it.

We are a USA manufacture, the equipment is made in America, and you are dealing direct.

Here is one customers feedback I could not have said better myself: simple, ingenious, well made, easy to use, affordable, great service, A+++++

So you have a customer and you repair their front end.
Then you take it to someone to align? WHAT!!!! In todays economy? Your kidding? YOU DON'T FARM OUT WORK YOU CAN DO YOURSELF.

Wheel alignments are easy. Don't let the computer alignment hype get you. That's old school thinking.

This is how you make money. This cannot be done with computerized wheel alignment system Example customer: Fleet of 46 buses with average total adjustment time of 12 minutes each. He charges $65 each for a total of $2990.00


1. Place the laser section and mirror section, as in the photo with its locating pins, against the front wheels.
2.With the laser beam shooting under the vehicle from one side to the other, adjust the leveling leg so the laser beam hits the mirror on the other side.
3. Go to the other side of the car and adjust the leveling leg on the mirror section so the laser beam reflects from the mirror right back to a scribe line target at the laser source.
4. Adjust a small knob on the laser head to move the laser beam dot so it aligns with the scribeline. Then read the dial indicator for your toe angle.
5. Adjust your toe angle if needed and repeat steps 1 and 4.

The Laser Toe & Pro Smart Camber was recently accepted as the wheel alignment requirement for NATEF certification. The gauges are also used by many colleges, universities, and training centers.

Resolution - 1/60 of a degree / .004" on a 15" Wheel
Dial Indicator Read Out
Measurements in less than two minutes
Level surface not required
Wheels from 5" - 28" Custom wheel sizes to 60" 1500mm
Battery powered
Optional carrying case $229.95
Suggested Retail $985

Combine the Laser Toe 2 with the Pro Smart camber and you're in the two wheel alignment business for a fraction of the cost of a full scale alignment system.

Laser Toe II for Automotive

Laser Toe II Carrying Case

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