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LASER STRING III - Roof Panel Offset Laser
The Ultimate in Aerodynamic Performance Aids

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The Laser String III is a laser plane projection device designed for NASCAR type race car body constructors. This device is available in single or dual laser beam for projecting a vertical laser reference plane from the race car roof panel to either the nose or rear deck of the race car.

The purpose of this device is to aid the body constructor in offsetting the roof panel with respect to the centerline of the nose and rear deck of the race car.

Roof offsetting, a common practice in stock car construction, increases right side aerodynamic performance and with the Laser String III it can now be done repeatably and with higher accuracy. The Laser String III was designed to mount directly to NASCAR approved roof templates but can be adapted for other chassis construction applications as well.

Using an innovative telescoping "T" square mount, the laser can be adjusted to adapt to any roof panel length. The laser head is a custom 3 axis adjustable device for precision alignment of the laser beam to the mounting "T" square. Two axes incorporate fine adjusters with 5 micron resolution, and the third "X" axis with approximately .001" resolution.

The laser source is designed for battery power but can be purchased with AC power as an option. Laser String III uses ART's most advanced solid state green (YAG) laser plane technology. The green laser beam is used specifically for viewing the laser plane reference beam in bright sunlight in order to perform alignment checks in outdoor conditions.

At this time there is no other known out door application in motorsports or industrial applications using YAG green laser plane technology. This allows ART to maintain its position as the world leader and pioneer in laser technology for motorsports. For indoor applications the Laser String III is also available in traditional red laser beam laser plane at a reduced cost.

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