Tuesday, July 30th 2013
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Kart Toe Angle Gauge and Rear Axle Alignment,

Rear Axle Alignment & Zero Toe Bar Gauge for Karts

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Advanced Racing Technologies (ART) Toe Angle gauge and Rear axle alignment device. Two tools in one. Does both alignment in same operation.

Testimonial 9/29/2013:
This past weekend we finally got around to using your alignment system. We have both of your kart tools. We've raced karts for several years and have used several alignment tools on the market for karting. I have to tell you, your system is by far the best we have ever used. There is no guesswork or "close as you can get it", when it's square, it's square. We have complete confidence that all four of our tires are pointed the same direction now. We ride Phantom Triton chassis' and the karts were previously aligned using Phantom's Accutoe Advanced. With that system indicating the kart was square, we then used your system and gained approximately 1/16" of "squareness". I am confident that we will gain straight-away speed over our competition due to our karts being more square and free rolling.
Thank you for a great product that WORKS!
Randy B.
JKR Motorsports

Operating the device is simple:
After removing the front wheels, place the front of the kart into the fixture with spindles resting on the fixture pins. You then disconnect one of steering links and tighten the fixture clamps against the spindles.Place the driver into the kart.
Then all you do is reattach the steering link until it falls into hole.

The kart spindles are now set to precise zero toe angle, with chassis flex removed by having driver placed in the kart. Guaranteed more accurate then a laser.

You can now turn one tie rod on each link and dial in toe angle to whatever you need. Record the turns and you can dial in a kart for any track.

As for rear axle alignment, while the kart is in the fixture, simply measure distance from fixture to rear axle on both sides, for equal measurements. Adjust rear axle unitl measuerments are equal.

Initial testing showed an increase in straight line speed by using the rear axle fixture to provide proper setup.
Suggested Retail $199.95

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