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The platform is made up of two of what we call "pontoons", (the parts that hold the scales) plus bridges between pontoons and ramps to get up onto them. The pontoons are constructed entirely of rivetted and bonded top grade 6061 t6 aluminum that because of its high alloy constent is very stiff and tough. There are endcaps on the pontoons made of polished 316 stainless steel that are both durable and good looking. We have platforms available in both 2" or 4" inch high versions to suit most scales. Each 2" pontoon weighs 60 lbs. and have six leveling feet that are cadmium plated 3/4" unc thread with swivel bases and socket drive tops. The bridges and ramps are standard at 2" x 4" which together as a package weigh 70 lbs. Optional 2" x 6" bridges and ramps are available. We have designed the platform to accept 2800 lbs. with no appreciable deflection or distortion and it can be configured to a wide variety of cars.

Capacity: 2800 lbs. maximum

Part# MKT 3000 to include:

  • 2 pontoons 80" wide @ 4" high with four leveling feet per pontoon
  • OR 2 pontoons 80" wide @ 2" high with six leveling feet per pontoon
  • 1/8" floor for pontoons
  • 4" x 2" bridges @ length required for customer wheelbase
  • 4" x 2" ramps @ 84" total with hinges at 36"
  • 15" to 18" of front roll-off kit
  • 6" x 2" ramps and bridges optional @ $100.00 USD extra

Ship Weight : 100 kg., 210 lbs.
Retail Price : $2195.00 USD

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