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ART is the world leading manufacturer and custom designer of portable laser systems and electronic two and four wheel alignment tool, gauge and inspection equipment used for motorsports and automotive garages. We are the FIRST pioneers of laser technology used in motor sports and unsurpassed to this day. We are the only company able to supply total portable 4 wheel alignment gauge, tool, equipment and chassis setup equipment for full size race cars, racing karts, ATV, and even snowmobiles. We cover all forms of racing such as NASCAR, Indycar, Champ Car, SCCA, NHRA, Drifting, Stock car, Autocross and many more.

We are also the only company world wide with custom design service. We are responsible for implementation of many special laser applications used by organizations such as Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) technical inspection which includes every CART race team, CART Indylights inspection, CART Toyota Atlantic inspection, Mercedes/AMG, Daimler/Chrysler and majority of the top NASCAR teams.

HERE IS AN ARTICLE YOU MUST READ! ! BEFORE BUYING THAT COMPETITORS RACING LASER MEASUREMENT DEVICE CHECK THAT IT DOES NOT INCLUDE A CONSTRUCTION LASER. All our lasers are custom made in house and we are the original pioneers of lasers in motorsports. We have been doing it for 17 years now. Our competitors have been doing it for only a few years and everyone of them have stolen our concepts. The difference is they TRY to do it the cheap way out with construction lasers. Ever think about using a construction laser to align your race car? You might want to read this and think twice before you try to do it. Including buying one of our competitors lasers because they do use construction lasers as part of their device. All these competitors use some form of inferior construction laser. Intercomp, Longacre Racing, True Laser Track, DRP Performance. Many of these competitors also change their designs several times of the few years they offer their products. ALL our produtcs have over ten years of successful history. Click here!

Laser Line Generation

Our "Laser String" products and custom inspection lasers use "Laser Line Generation". We are the Pioneering company of this technologyand unsurpassed in motorsports. What is "Laser Line Generation"? Click here! and see how we use it in one of our gauges. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Full Size Race Cars

Laser String II, Four Wheel Alignment

Racing Laser Toe Angle

Dream Stick - String Toe Gauge

Smart Camber Gauge Tool

Ride Height Gauge

Granite & Laser Leveler Scale Pad

Laser Bump Steer Gauge

Laser String

Setup Platforms

Karting Products

Pro Go Kart Laser Toe Angle Gauge

Rear Axle Alignment Fixture

Article: Kart Chassis Setup

Automotive Products

Laser Toe Angle II

Pro Smart Camber / Caster

Portable Alignment Car Stands

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Laser String III
Mercedes CLK-GTR
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